Injury Chiropractor

Injury Chiropractor

The Best Among Certified Injury Chiropractors In Pheonix, AZ

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? You lean over to pick up a hamper full of laundry and suddenly your back twists into a painful spasm. Or, years of clicking a computer mouse repetitively have rendered your hand and arm incapable of movement due to excruciating pain. Or perhaps a car accident gave you whiplash that has created a firestorm of pain in your lower back. In all of these situations, the time has come to visit one of the few certified injury chiropractors in Pheonix, AZ.

Chandler Chiropractor Specializes in Treating Injury Pain


Great Choice Chiropractic has earned a reputation for delivering world-class chiropractic services to patients that suffer from injury-related pain. Whether you’ve experienced an injury on a job site or softball field, a board-certified injury chiropractor in Pheonix, AZ, Dr. Greg Hauser, applies treatments and techniques that get immediate results. Car accidents, construction sites, mishaps, and stumbles at home that damage the sciatic nerve all fall under the professional scope of Dr. Hauser’s highly reputable skill set. If you suffer an injury that requires treatment, you should consider visiting an injury chiropractor in Pheonix, AZ, that has amassed years of experience mitigating and eliminating chronic pain.

Receive Gentle Chiropractic Care for Car Accident Pain

If you experience acute pain caused by a car accident, you don't want to visit a chiropractor that practices the outdated technique of twisting and cracking bones, joints, and muscles. You want to visit one of the injury chiropractors in Chandler, AZ that implements gentle treatment techniques to achieve immediate, pain-free results. Dr. Hauser uses an adjustment instrument that gently realigns out of place discs and bones to get you back on your feet. Great Choice Chiropractic implements advanced technology that maximizes the coordination lost from suffering a debilitating injury. Dr. Hauser knows that a Chandler car accident can keep you from supporting your family and contributing to the community. Great Choice Chiropractic makes treating pain caused by injuries one of the main objectives of the clinic.

You're in Good Hands with a Board Certified Chiropractor

What does "board certified" mean? It means Dr. Hauser has received in depth training that keeps him ahead of the chiropractic curve. Dr. Hauser has earned a certification in Whiplash Injury Biomechanics and Mild Brain Traumatology from the highly acclaimed Spine Research Institute located in San Diego, California. The advanced training Dr. Hauser receives places him among the most coveted injury chiropractor in Pheonix AZ. His professional acumen makes Dr. Hauser the go-to legal expert for civil court cases. Dr. Hauser offers legal assistance to clinic patients that have experienced debilitating injuries caused by workplace negligence. He assists law enforcement in accident reenactments, and provides guidance for medical record reviews.

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