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Car accidents can cause a myriad of physical issues that may require patients to seek an accident chiropractor in Chandler, AZ. Dr. Greg Hauser has a proven track record of mitigating and eliminating pain. From whiplash injuries to dislodged nerves, he knows how to ease the pain resulting from car accidents. Car accidents are one of the facts of modern life that most people deal with, and even minor fender benders can cause long lasting injuries. If you've had the misfortune of a recent Chandler car accident, contact us today for the best car accident chiropractic treatment.

Cause and Effect of Car Accidents

Your car might incur only a few scratches, but you should still see one of the best injury chiropractors in Pheonix AZ if you experience a car accident. You or one of the car's occupants might suffer a soft tissue injury that gets much worse with the passage of time. The body tries to adapt to trauma, but after a few weeks, signs of an injury can suddenly appear and cause tremendous pain. Severe whiplash requires the steady hands of a chiropractor that provides back pain treatment in Chandler, AZ. Severe whiplash occurs whenever your head moves back and forth violently. Symptoms include headaches, dizziness, herniated discs, and lower back pain. If left untreated, injuries can morph into osteoarthritis, which develops much earlier in people that experience car accident injuries than it does in those that manage to avoid them. The bottom line is that you need to see an accident chiropractor in Chandler, AZ to prevent lingering health issues caused by car accidents by our car accident chiropractic treatment.

Whiplash Car Accident Chiropractic Treatment by a Certified Chandler, AZ Chiropractor

It takes a lot of training to become highly skilled at treating whiplash injuries. Great Choice Chiropractic proudly presents Dr. Greg Hauser, who has undergone training at the renowned Spine Research Institute of San Diego. Moreover, Dr. Hauser has earned an advanced certification in Whiplash Injury Biomechanics and Mild Brain Traumatology. As a member of the American Institute of Personal Injury Physicians, Dr. Hauser stays up to date on the latest procedures that alleviate and eliminate the pain caused by Chandler car accidents each year.

An Accident Chiropractor in Chandler, AZ that Uses Advanced Treatment Technology

By using advanced technology to treat the pain caused by a car accident in Chandler, Dr. Hauser quickly reduces tissue damage. This car accident chiropractic treatment puts a stop to additional injury complications that often arise. Great Choice Chiropractic has earned the trust of many patients that have walked in suffering from arm, leg, back, head, and shoulder pain. Our chiropractor attends seminars throughout the year that unveil new technologies that not only ease the pain created by car accidents, but also offer a gentle approach for applying car accident chiropractic treatment techniques. Dr. Hauser utilizes a gentle adjustment instrument to make the necessary corrections that allow you to enjoy pain-free living. Our patients also benefit from therapeutic exercises that provide support for gentle chiropractic adjustments.

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If you suffered an accident, you need to work with a chiropractor in Chandler, AZ that can quickly ease your intense pain. Call Great Choice Chiropractic at (480) 704-6600 for car accident chiropractic treatment.

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