Back, Neck, & Headache Pain

Back, Neck, & Headache Pain

Treatment for headache, neck, & back pain in Chandler, AZ

Are you having trouble finding the right chiropractor for back pain treatment in Chandler, AZ? Do you twist and turn in bed trying to find the perfect landing spot for your neck? Does your head explode with pain at the slightest change in the air pressure? If so, you need to consult with Dr. Greg Hauser, considered one of the most accomplished chiropractors in Arizona.

Back Pain Treatment In Chandler

As a Chandler chiropractor, Dr. Hauser understands the implications of a back that is chronically in pain. More than 80% of Americans suffer some form of back pain at least one time during the course of their lives. Great Choice Chiropractic combines multiple treatment techniques for back pain treatment in Chandler to alleviate and eliminate chronic back pain. As a back pain patient of Dr. Hauser's Chandler chiropractic clinic, you might receive any combination of exercise, adjustment, and nutritional treatments that ease the pain in your backbones, joints, and muscles.

Dr. Hauser carefully considers your age, lifestyle, and health history before recommending the treatment options of back pain treatment in Chandler that will relieve you of back pain. Great Choice Chiropractic educates patients on the simple home treatment options for back pain treatment in Chandler that can help them to avoid costly and painful back surgeries.

Neck Pain Treatment

Do you feel a painful twitch every time you turn your neck to look behind you? Does your neck begin to throb at the slightest motion? If you notice a grinding sound whenever you turn your head, the time has come for gentle chiropractic treatments for neck pain relief in Chandler, AZ. Great Choice Chiropractic specializes in easing the discomfort caused by neck pain. Dr. Hauser performs intensive examinations to determine what causes your neck to hurt each time you make a simple turning or rotating movement. Aspirin and pain pills will only delay the onset of painful neck symptoms.

A research study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics demonstrated that patients receiving chiropractic care reported significantly reduced neck pain. Consulting with an expert such as Dr. Greg Hauser will help you to determine the underlying cause of your neck pain and how to best alleviate it.

Headache Pain Treatment

Far too many people that visit Great Choice Chiropractic think of headaches as inevitable nuisances that eventually go away. Conversely, our headache specialist in Chandler, AZ, treats headaches as if something has gone wrong. Stress, alcohol, toxic fumes, and food preservatives all represent common causes of headaches. Headaches occur when the bones of the spine change position, even if ever so slightly. Spine bones that move affect sensitive nerves and blood vessels, resulting in painful headaches. Aspirin and over-the-counter medicines usually barely alleviate the pain and then last for only a few hours at a time.

Chiropractic treatments administered by our headache specialist in Chandler, AZ, Dr. Hauser can permanently correct the source of your headaches. Great Choice Chiropractic's  has earned a reputation for successfully treating severe migraines - even those which typically render people incapable of getting out of bed!

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If you suffer from neck, head, or back pain in Chandler, AZ, you owe it to yourself to seek the best chiropractic help. Call Great Choice Chiropractic at (480) 704-6600 to learn more about the gentle health care techniques and advanced technological assessment equipment Chandler Chiropractor Dr. Hauser uses to eliminate your back, neck, and head pain. Anyone who has recently experienced a car accident in Chandler or other parts of Arizona can also contact Dr. Hauser for his expertise and treatment.

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