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Accident Injury ChiropractorInjury Chiropractor For Accidents in Chandler, AZ

Great Choice Chiropractic is proud to have Dr. Hauser, a Board Certified injury chiropractor in Chandler, AZ who offers treatment for pains caused by various accidents. Accidents on the road are inevitable, but saving the person from any considerable physical complications is possible with the care provided by our chiropractor in Chandler, AZ.

Sometimes, the car may appear to be only slightly damaged, while the occupants can suffer soft tissue injury. As the body adapts, symptoms may not appear until weeks or months later. Whiplash is the most commonly received injury from a car accident when the vehicle is struck from behind or collides with another object. This causes the head to be suddenly jerked back and forth. The resulting injuries can contribute to headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, pain in the shoulders, arms and hands, reduced ability to turn and bend, and low back problems. When these happen, it is time for you to seek chiropractic care.

Accident injuries left untreated may result in osteoarthritis, which is a type of arthritis that develops earlier than usual – much earlier than people who have not been involved in car accidents. Our certified chiropractor in Chandler, AZ determines the range of damage the car accident has caused, and offers treatment to the injuries.

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Dr. Hauser’s expertise in whiplash treatment is backed by this training from the prestigious Spine Research Institute of San Diego. He also obtained an advanced certification in Whiplash Injury Biomechanics and Mild Brain Traumatology, and a member of the American Institute of Personal Injury Physicians. By using a technology that treats the damaged area in your body, our chiropractor can help to reduce tissue damage and prevent further complications.

Advanced Technology

Our treatments use the latest in chiropractic care technology that is trusted by many patients here in Arizona. We attend seminars regularly and annually to maintain our credentialing and keep our certification current which keeps Dr. Hauser’s name listed on the official website of Activator.

Chiropractic treatment and care are among the best ways to recover from injuries such as whiplash. We provide excellence in treatment that relieves constant pain through gentle instrument adjustments. Patients also will receive the benefits of therapeutic exercises to aid in the recovery process and to support the chiropractic adjustment.

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Seeking help from a certified injury chiropractor in Chandler, AZ is one of the best steps to take after being involved in an accident. Consulting with a chiropractor early will give better and proven results for maximum healing and faster recovery. Visit our injury chiropractor in Chandler, AZ today for more information on accident injury chiropractic care.

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