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Great Choice Chiropractic provides quality treatment and offers lasting relief from pain with the help of Dr. Greg Hauser, a Board Certified chiropractor in Chandler, AZ. Our health care facility provides patients with a treatment that is centered on quality care when dealing with an injury. Chiropractors in Chandler, AZ are beginning to see the benefits of combining health care with advanced technology, and our clinic is among the first to discover this innovation.

Taking pride in offering great care and unmatched innovation, Great Choice Chiropractic uses the Activator V, a handheld adjusting instrument that prevents twisting and cracking as the chiropractic procedure takes place. Everyone wants a great customer service and a soothing environment. Our chiropractor ensures that therapy is always at the top of the line. We are up to date with the latest advancements in technology and effective measures on calibrating our equipment, so patients can get what they truly deserve.

Optimum Care

When it is about optimum care, Great Choice Chiropractic is a frontrunner. Our goal is to set our patients free from pain. The clinic is notable for providing gentle chiropractic care that prevents unnecessary discomfort such as twisting and cracking. The therapies we provide treat headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, disc pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and more. With this, patients will experience improved nerve communication, posture, physical function and coordination, as well as lasting relief from back, neck, leg, knee, shoulder, arm, and wrist pains among many others. The benefits that you will get from our quality health care are testaments that this facility is one of Chandler’s best.

Superior Innovation

Our adaptability and openness to the latest in scientific breakthroughs are what make this clinic highly regarded. Activator V is an innovation in orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic care particularly when dealing with an injury. Dr. Hauser and other chiropractors in Chandler, AZ create dialogues that discuss utilizing this technology efficiently. For our clinic, the challenge is not about getting these advancements closer to the patients – it is a practice rather than a test – the challenge is about getting ourselves closer to the technology. With our commitment, we are delighted to be able to conquer this challenge and remain forward in providing chiropractic care.

Great Choice Chiropractic is pediatric certified which makes our services accessible for the entire family. Children and teenagers who are suffering from back pains and other related distress are welcome to visit our clinic. In this way, your child’s health history is kept intact with us so diagnosis of future complications is made easier because records are readily available.

Let us provide with the quality treatment your body needs from Dr. Hauser, whose valuable skills as an experienced chiropractor in Chandler, AZ will help you live the life free from pain. Your choice is simple, make yours a Great Choice!

If you are looking for a doctor that:

      • treats you as an individual
      • is continually going to seminars
      • teaches other Chiropractors at seminars
      • keeps up to date with advancements in technology
      • is more than just Board Certified

Then your choice is simple, make yours a Great Choice!

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